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LBCC Hall of Champions to Welcome Class of 2019 on March 22

LBCC Hall of Champions to Welcome Class of 2019 on March 22

The outstanding tradition of Long Beach City College intercollegiate athletics will be recognized with the induction of its 16th class of members into the college's Hall of Champions on Friday, March 22, at 6 p.m. in the Hall of Champions Gymnasium (Bld. R) of the Liberal Arts Campus, 4901 E. Carson St. 

The social hour begins at 6:00 p.m., with the dinner and induction ceremony starting at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $75 per person.

Please reserve your tickets here or for further information on the Hall of Champions, visit

The 2019 Hall of Champions honorees are Tom DeBerry, Jeff Haynes, Jacqueline Rollema-Erlanson, Bill Tisdale, Kim Young-Monteleone, Tim Esposito, Jake Kinne, Terry Tautolo and Brian Turang.

 Past Hall of Champions inductees include: (2002) Ron Allice, Susie Atwood, Valerie Brisco, Betty Crilley, Bob Cvrtlik, Greg Harris, Joe Hicks, Earl McCullouch, John Rambo, Kate Schmidt, George Timberlake and Del Walker; (2003) Buck Andreasen, Dee Andrews, Ron Crawford, John Fleitz, Bill Fraser, George Marmion, Jerry Mitchell, Monte Nitzkowski, Maureen (Mo) O'Toole, Jeff Smith, Jim Stangeland and Greg Townsend; (2004) Ricardo Azevedo, Toni Bell-Skeen, Dennis Dummit, Damion Easley, Dave Frost, Gary Garrison, Patty Gasso, Dr. Charles A. (Chuck) Kane, Joe Lanning, Lorie Lindahl, Chuck Terry, and George Van Zant; (2005) Chuck Bittick, Craig Dykema, Lisa Lawrence, Bob Myers, Jeff Severson, Ann Simmons, Robbie Stuart, Homer Williams, Joe "Cowboy" Forbes, Paul Johnson, Norm Kettering, Cliff Meyer, and Bert Smith; (2006) Neo Aoga, Dominique Arnold, Ed Babtkis, Kenny Booker, Margaret Graves-Bos, Mike Giers, John E. Kashiwabara, Pam Marshall, Dan Peters, Tom Amberry, Grant Denmark, Sam Dimas, Hank Ennen, Mel Griffin, Bob Howard, Bill Jessup, Dave Levy, Bill Millington, Vince Reel, and Dewey Tompkins; (2007) Keith Cordes, Myisha Delaney, John Gonsalves, Gerry Gregory, Hank Kraychir, Dave Marshall, Bill Meyers, Samoa Samoa, Peggy Stoll-Grigonis, William C. Barnes, Tom Clark, Gene Gillies, Rollie Eilerts, Irvin "Red" Meairs, Dick Fischl, Roger Hull, Darryl Rogers; (2008) Greg Barton, Paul Chafe, Craig Chamberlain, Cleveland "Chick" Harris, Jennifer Jamie-Rocha, Jim Kelsey, Mark Neal, Donna Prindle, Jeanne Teissere-Knox, Charlie Church, Marvin Motley, Frank Newell, and Jack Salveson; (2009) Ed Crosby, Ron Drake, Laura Fetzner-Castro, Cary Hardwick, Jack Hinton, Gary "Jake" Jacobsen, Nicki Kephart-Trimble, Ernest S. McBride, Henry Andrews, Duane Baptiste, Mickey Byers, John Callard, Bob Humphreys, and Bob Seymour; (2010) Albert Dorsey, Dean Decker, Dan Gausepohl, Bernie Holloway, Willie Martin, Larry Reisbig, Allan Treffry, Cassie Zebisch, Walter "Artie" Boyd, Gus Knickrehm, Jim Lee, Don Menke, Jim Milhorn, Joe Riddick; (2011) Trevor Baker, Michele Bannister, Bill Cecil, Jim Ferguson, Crystal Irving, Kari Jondle, Lute Olson, Tim Russell, Bill "Crutch" Crutchfield, Baruch Elias, Bill Ellis, Rusty Fairly, Terry Hendrix, and Paul Zack; (2012) Kevin Beal, Rod Gaspar, Sarah "Cheech" Gibson, Brad Harris, Rick "Truck" Miller, Christine Phillips, Dennis Putman, Dan Ripley, Scott Cathcart, Tom DeLong, Ed Knox, Harry Nelson, Bill Sprague, and Kent Taylor; (2013) Nate Fernley, Tom Hicks, Paula Libby-Herbaugh, Stefan Ludecke, Shellie McCall, Bob Meredith, Rich Plante, Carmelo Rios, John Sagehorn, Steve Tully, and Karen Vigilant-Goodman; (2014) Joe Carlson, Marcus Hooks, Magdalena Lewy-Boulet, Tommy Peale, Damaine Powell, David Shaw, Erroll Tucker, and Brian Williams; (2014 Emeritus) Casey Cox, Glenn "Willie" Harmatz, Steve Lauriano, Denny Moulton, Syd O'Brien, and Tim Sweeney; (2016) Bryan Bridgewater, Mickey Davis, Douglas Fernandez, Mauricio Ingrassia, Jana Landel, Michael Maloney, Chuck McFerrin, and Francis O'Neill; (2018) Gary Anderson (Men's Basketball, 1969 & 1970), Michelle Nelson (Women's Track & Field, 1995 & 1996), Rich Foster (Men's Water Polo, 1969 & 1970), Dan Frost (Men's Basketball, 1972 & 1973), John Harvey (Football, 1979 & 1980), Melissa Soria (Women's Water Polo, 2003 & 2004), Ron Williams (Men's Track & Field, 1978 & 1979), and Bruce Young (Football, 1986 & 1987).