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Track & Field: Vikings total 13 top-10 finishes at Cerritos Opener meet

Asia Muldrow finished in 16th place in the 3000 meters at the Cerritos Opener meet. (Photo by Dean Lofgren)
Asia Muldrow finished in 16th place in the 3000 meters at the Cerritos Opener meet. (Photo by Dean Lofgren)

The Long Beach City College track and field team competed in its second meet of the season, heading across town to nearby Cerritos College for the Cerritos Opener on Friday and Saturday. LBCC brought home 13 top-10 finishes from the non-scoring meet.

The Long Beach men had four top-10 showings in Cerritos. Freshman Amari Howland had the Viking men's top individual performance in the 400-meter hurdles. He won his heat with a time of 59.24 to finish in seventh place overall.

On the women's side, LBCC totaled nine top-10 finishes. Freshman Sherrice Pelle had an impressive day in hurdles. She won her heat of the 100-meter hurdles with a time of 15.66 to finish fourth overall. She was also fourth in her heat and fourth overall in the 400 hurdles, clocking in at 1:13.73.

Shavone Nora was also a fourth-place finisher in the 400 meters as she ran 1:02.10.

Long Beach returns to action next Saturday (Mar. 5) when the Vikings will compete at the Cal State LA Invitational.

Complete LBCC results from the Cerritos Opener below:

Tyrone Carroll, 400m, 56.71 (7th heat, 35th overall)
Ivan Saladay, 400m, 54.20 (5th heat, 29th overall)
Phillip Powell, 400m, 50.51 (1st heat, 11th overall)
Shawn Woodstock, 400m, 52.66 (2nd heat, 22nd overall)
Akiem Brown, 400m, 54.67 (3rd heat, 32nd overall)
Elias Galvan, 3000m, 9:40.25 (9th heat, 36th overall)
Willie Jenkins, 3000m, 9:53.81 (12th heat, 39th overall)
Alex Hoskins, 3000m, 10:22.52 (19th heat, 47th overall)
Amari Howland, 400m Hurdles, 59.24 (1st heat, 7th overall)
4x200m Relay, 1:34.33 (3rd overall)
4x400m Relay, 3:24.51 (2nd overall)
4x800m Relay, 8:39.02 (5th overall)
Aaron Ecesedy, Shot Put, 10.82m (16th overall)
Aaron Ecesedy, Discus, 35.88m (13th overall)
Aaron Ecesedy, Hammer, 28.51m (15th overall)
Aaron Ecesedy, Javelin, 29.09m (16th overall)

Breonna James, 100m, 13.19 (7th heat, 13th overall)
Delorian Hooper, 100m, 5th heat, 19th overall)
Shavone Nora, 400m, 1:02.10 (4th heat, 4th overall)
Lyanna Clement, 400m, 1:05.46 (2nd heat, 6th overall)
Asia Muldrow, 3000m, 12:10.49 (16th overall)
Melissa Higeuros, 3000m, 12:30.20 (20th overall)
Deniera Camargo, 13:50.70 (24th overall)
Sherrice Pelle, 100m Hurdles, 15.66 (1st heat, 4th overall)
Sherrice Pelle, 400m Hurdles, 1:13.73 (4th heat, 4th overall)
Seayanna Crawford, 400m Hurdles, 1:15.15 (6th heat, 6th overall)
Alexandra Moen-Sanders ,400m Hurdles, 1:18.91 (2nd heat, 9th overall)
4x100 Relay, 51.07 (2nd overall)
4x400 Relay, 4:12.23 (2nd overall)
4x800 Relay, 11:10.95 (6th overall)
Marlene Contreras, Shot Put, 7.71m (12th overall)
Discus, 21.76m (13th)
Hammer, 22.20m (13th)
Javelin, 18.84m (12th)
Jordyn Thomas, Shot Put, 7.68m (13th overall)
Discus, 20.51m (14th)
Hammer, 19.02m, (16th)
Javelin, 15.79m (14th)
Francine Contreras, Shot Put, 7.50 (14th overall)
Discus, 22.08m (12th)
Hammer, 21.83m (14th)
Javelin, 8.95m (19th)
Jacqueline Samson, Shot Put, 7.26m (15th overall)
Discus, 19.85m (16th)
Hammer, 16.62m (17th)
Javelin, 15.15m (15th)
Ebony Washington, Shot Put, 6.93m (16th overall)
Discus, 17.80m (17th)
Hammer, 20.21m (15th)
Javelin, 17.64m (13th)
Linda Izabal, Shot Put, 6.35m, (17th overall)
Discus, 16.96m (18th)
Hammer, 26.56m (11th)
Javelin, 13.36m (16th)
Alvinisha Johnson, Shot Put, 6.28m (18th overall)
Discus, 15.45m (19th)
Hammer, 15.02m (18th)
Javelin, 13.36m (17th)